Where's Waldo
Where's Waldo
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The Journey Begins

Join the search for Waldo, his friends, and more! Will you uncover all the magical items that can aid you on your quest? It’s the ultimate search and find adventure.


The world famous globe-trotter in stripes is back on the road and inviting you along for the ride! Join Waldo as he embarks on a quest to find twelve ancient scrolls hidden throughout twelve fantastic worlds.

Wizard Whitebeard
As Waldo's magical mentor, there is much to be learned from Wizard Whitebeard, so look to him for guidance on your journey. One piece of advice, though: don’t mind the wizard’s funny side –he’s known for his quirky sense of humor.

A fellow travel addict, Wenda is never far behind Waldo on his adventures. In addition to her uncanny fashion sense, Wenda has a keen eye for photography and is always carrying – and losing her camera. When you receive a report from Wenda, be prepared to participate in a challenge she calls “Lost Photos.”

Waldo’s four-legged friend, Woof, is there to help you during the search (but only if you have a bone). He’s a very clever dog with a penchant for puzzles, so don’t be surprised if he wants to play a game or two of “Spot the Difference” with you along the way.

Watch out for this fellow! His dastardly plans to trick Waldo include unleashing a mess of Swamp Creatures that wreak havoc and overrun each location. Be sure to keep an eye out for Odlaw’s signature black and yellow stripes, because you’re the only one who can stop him!

The Game

Your journey takes you across 12 strange and unique worlds. Each one is full of exciting quests for you to complete. Your goal is to find Waldo and any hidden items as quickly as you can! After every quest you are given a star rank. The better you are, the higher your rank will be. Can you achieve a five-star rank for every quest? With Wizard Whitebeard’s tutoring and a little practice, you never know…

Search Window
The search window displays every character and hidden item that you need to look for. New hidden items will be continuously added here until you come to the end of your quest.

Star Meter
Watch the star meter carefully, as it decreases over time. Once it is empty, all the stars will fade away. The goal of each quest is to retain as many stars as you can. If you achieve a five-star rank, Wizard Whitebeard will present you with a special gift as reward for the highest possible achievement.

Hint Window
Woof will aid you in your search for the hidden item currently highlighted in your Search Window. As you move the screen, Woof will let you know when you are close to the hidden item. Try to find as many Woof Bones as you can in order to keep using this ability.

Map Tracker
This is a miniature version of the map. It will track your current position and allow you to see the entire map with just a quick glance.

Waldo’s Worlds
After every quest you complete, you’ll return to Waldo’s Worlds, the central hub of the game. Entering this area allows you to receive updates from Wizard Whitebeard and Wenda. More importantly, after meeting certain in-game conditions, your next destination will be revealed and the journey will continue. Each destination appears by its own landmark, identifying each unique world. To see which area you will travel to next, simply click the Quest Bubble hovering over a particular landmark and you will be transported there magically!

During your travels, you may uncover mysterious and powerful objects called Globes. These Globes contain magical properties which, for a limited time, can either enhance your searching skills or hinder them – it just depends on which type of Globe you find! Some Globes may even require you to perform specific actions with the mouse in order to carry out the effect! Just watch for the animations that appear on the screen whenever a Globe is activated.

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